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Whats Up !

Whats Up !

Hey What’s Up guys… This is BIG, I mean really big. Finally Creative Minds Lab Fully Dynamic and every thing is just fine. By the way, the Arabic interface is under constructions! So… Stay Tuned.

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    1. Ribal El Khatib says:

      fe3lan whats up , eh dah ya 3am , ana shayef enak te2felha ba2a w trosh mayya w 5alas …..

    2. Admin says:

      😐 Yeah I would love to, but I can’t do it just because of you,, I don’t want you to get wet 😀

      By the way, If you have any new work why you don’t upload it here so we can tell you what we think?!

    3. Ribal El Khatib says:

      Spiral Stairs by 3D Max And V-ray plugin , So what Do think ???
      [img] banking stairs update 3.jpg[/img]

    4. Admin says:

      Wonderful! you amazed me. chears

    5. Ribal El Khatib says:

      Eid Mubarak

      [img] mubarak.jpg[/img]

    6. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Reboo Reboo is the man 🙂 Eid Mubarak

    7. Hessa says:

      thanks for the tip

      I will go throught it and let u know

    8. Ahmed Sleem says:

      You’re most welcome here 🙂

    9. ana mabsoot jeddan mennel 3am ta3emlo 3anjad wallahi men albi ya abo 7med w ayya 7aga ana jahez 3ala kadrel mostata3…3al 3omoom eh 7kayet enno iza 3andak shoghl momken terfa3o hena?

    10. I forgot to tell u that never ever give up…u never know who would pass by w ya3mel 3amaylo 😉 good luck

    11. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Thanks Ahmed, It means allot to me…

      To uploads your works at Creative Minds Lab, there is button called (choose…) at the bottom of any post page, click on it and then select your file from your PC then upload.

      Enjoy 😉

    12. tab olli ra2yak be deh ba2a ya abo 7med, I hope u like it? :)…
      [img] + sattelite 2_aa.jpg[/img]

    13. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Thumbs up, sure I like it. Very nice work Ahmed with the colors although you need to work more on both of the lens flare and the satellite, and maybe the text too. But still pretty good.

      Thanks allot for your support about helping me 😀 , to help just tell your friends about Creative Minds Lab.

      Keep up the good work 🙂

    14. Thanks a lot ya Sleem for real, and I agree about the comments why not, anyway this is the least i can do for a hard working arab guy is to tell friends about your website, 3ala kollen what coming is way better than this one insha Allah 😉 but 7abba 7abba ba2a ya3ne loool catch ya later Salam

    15. Ahmed Sleem says:

      You’re most welcome here 🙂

      And sure anything comes “7abba 7abba” 😉

    16. Ya3teekel 3afya …3ala fekra el slogan ra2e3 ;)…
      tab olli ba2a eh ra2yak be dah..

    17. Ahmed Sleem says:

      😀 lool, you are goood man… you got punch this time ahmed! Very good job.

    18. wallahi ya abo 7med mashkor 3ala ra2yak teslam..w el kinetic typography 7abbeten w ashufo…best of luck 🙂

      3ala fekra be ma enno ur working on something fast why dont u bring something with sound next time…what about 3rd part plug ins..such as trapcodes’ and red giants…what about real footage and cg or motion graphics…walla gamed ya abo7med

    19. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Thanks Ahmed, you can find some tutorials with 3rd party plugins such (Grudge tutorial) and there are more. But there will be coming more soon ISA.

    20. Ribal El Khatib says:

      Room — 3dmax and vray ,

    21. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Every thing looks cool mate, BUT the carpet is not that much. Either you remove it or make it better.

      Good work 🙂

    22. Prabhakr says:

      Guys Can Any Body Make a tutorial for this file for after effects project
      File: Velvet.rar

    23. prabhakar says:

      how to make a snow effect with trapcode particulat in after effects. Plz response for this comment

    24. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Hi Prabhakr, the project (velvet) was created using the CS4 and I have only CS3, so tuff luck.

      Regarding the snow effect there is a preset in the particular that can get it with no time. PLUS maybe the next tutorial will show some snow. Stay tuned!

    25. Hello everyone..Ra2e3a jeddan its very nice and cozy 🙂 but as long as I like to be criticized and criticize others for a better work development, I wanted to interfere and give my opinion for brother Ribal,as long as i like 3ds max and vray either, the thing is the cap lights on the wall are really self illumination there is no falloff in the caps of the lights or any translucency, and the spot light has the IES photometric web light reflection but no spot light at all or glow or something, and catch up Ahmed Sleem comments about the Rog underneath the dining table…best of luck salamo 3alaykom

    26. Faisal says:

      This is one of the best useful websites I have ever visited. Great Job man!
      Excellent work and tutorials, very simple instruction and perfect video & audio mixer.
      You are really talented and have an artist taste. I like the way your website structured so that the visitor do not get bored or lost. Also I really appreciate your great efforts on presenting the learning materials. I expect you a great future in this filed.
      Best regards,

    27. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Thanks allot Faisal, you really did put a smile on my face. Be my guest, keep visiting and of course tell your friends about Creative Minds Lab.

    28. Islam says:

      da awl design lya fe elweb

      w da tany wa7d lya

      b3d ma atqnt shwya ast5dam tools el photoshop

    29. Ahmed Sleem says:

      The 1st one is good and I like the (3esh el tahyees) lool It’s funny.

      The 2nd one needs some Adjusments for the header and I think you can select better fonts for the body.

      Good works and keep it up 😉

    30. Islam says:

      thanks …
      yarait tnzl tutorials for webdesign
      how to design website on photoshop only

    31. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Sure thing, it’s now on the list

    32. Islam says:

      saba7 elfol ya ahmed

      this is a new webdesign for me

      hastna ra2ik w mla7zatk 🙂

    33. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Okay this is really good, But it can be very good if:
      1- Do not reapeat the text in a paragraph for a web template even if its just a template, because its really make the design as a NOOB
      2- In the template people dont love to see or read to much text,so you need to make more paragraphs with fewer text.
      3- I love the colors and the Font for amazing its the perfect choise! Thumbs up,

      Now I have 1 question for you: What is the “amazing” font name?

      And say hi to Alex.

    34. Islam says:

      wasl 😀
      thanks kteer
      the font his name is Swan Song

    35. Islam says:

      Good Morning, mr ahmed
      isA to be good while sent my message

      this is my latest web designs
      i’m waiting your comment

      and thanks for taking from your time to give me your comment in my designs

    36. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Very Good Morning to you Islam,
      I’m fine and hope you too are the same.

      So about the design: The colors seem going along with each other nice and easy and they are prety nice. I like the way of the web site structured…

      About the other things:

      – 1st the bottom green is not that good maybe you need to find another green or maybe White will be nice.

      – 2nd try to add some touches on the images (the images on the bottom)

      – 3rd thing and the most important thing for any web designer that will makes you Different than others is “Do Things Differently” When design a web site you need to make sure that this design will fit this only client, in another words, if we removed the logo (ADIDAS in this case) we should feel the ADIDAS from the design which in not in this case. The easiest way to do this is to use part from the logo in your design.

      Overall you are really doing a good progress.

    37. islam says:

      > wait your comment & notes


    38. islam says:

      hi mr ahmed
      kol sana w enta 6aib ,, RAMDAN KAREEM

      this my new webdesign for <>

      i wait your comment & note

      islam ..

    39. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Hi Islam, Ramadan Kareem to you too 🙂

      “Mashaa Allah” the very good thing is that you keep developing yourself and it shows that you really fall in love with what you do!

      Nice and clean looks pro although you may need to tweak and play with colors a bit, you may also involve the logo to the design it self to make it more original and creative.

      Keep up the good works 😉

    40. Ahmad says:

      Last comment in 2010 !!!!!!
      How could you people leave this TREASURE ??!!!

    41. Ahmed Sleem says:

      Thank you very much Ahmed 🙂
      I’m very glad to see your comment here, spread the website and tell your friends about it.

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