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No tutorials… yet!

Hey whats up folks!

I’m still kicking and not dead yet. and this post is about FAQ


Q: Why there are no more new tutorials?

A: Mainly for 2 reasons: the 1st is because I’m really busy, and second is people are not commenting or what so ever.


Q: Will there be any new tutorials soon?

A: As soon as I have some free time or if I saw some activity in the comment sections.


Q: So you are busy you saying, on what?

A: I think you know the answer already, but I’ll be more specific, I’m a very hard core gamer as you already know, playing what? check it out here or see the image below:


Ahmed Sleem out!

App Store Game (in progress)

This is the Game Menu

This is the Stage Select Menu

This is when you lose

Hope you like it UBISOFT 🙂
Please note that this is not the final product, im just scratching up my head


Programs Used:

Graphics : Adobe Photoshop CS6

Engine: Game Salad

Audio: Bought them

Arabic in CS6

Hey Hey Hey!!! Whats up boys and girls : ) Do you need to write Arabic & 3D ?!! EASY BEASY : D Watch this right now With Photoshop CS6 The best Photoshop EVER!!!

Duration: 18:30 min

Photoshop CS6 Is Here!!!

Hey Whats Up!!! Get ready for the Best Photoshop yet… Do you remember when Adobe released Photoshop7?? then Photoshop CS2?? They were like a revolutions right!?
Guess What!! This is WAY much better than any blow Adobe did…

Stay Tuned for tons of video tutorials to show you the new Adobe Photoshop CS6 features.

Dreamy Effect

Heeeeeey 😀 Whats up folks, It has been a while huh!! Here we go again with new Photoshop tutorial nice, short and easy. Enjoy!

Duration: 8:03 min